About Shaxpir

SHAXPIR (pronounced exactly like "Shakespeare") is a modern cloud-based word-processor for Windows and Macintosh, with a suite of tools designed specifically for fiction authors, building deep immersive worlds.

Every novel you write in Shaxpir has its own notebook, where you can flesh out the characters, places, and themes of your story. You can create cross-references between notes to keep track of character relationships, symbolism, or plot structure, and you can even attach your own concept artwork. It’s like having a private wikipedia for the world of your story.

Shaxpir is a desktop app (so you can work offline anytime) but it saves all of its data in the cloud, so your work is always securely backed up and synchronized between devices. You can even go back through your revision history and restore old versions of your content anytime.

We also keep a running count of how many words you write each day (as well as how many minutes you spend writing) so that you can set goals and track your progress. It’s like fitbit, but for your writing life.

This is just the beginning! We’re working hard to build the next great platform for nurturing literature of every kind… from novels and short stories to screenplays and storyboards. Come join our writing community, and be a part of something incredible!