Offline Writing + Cloud Backup

Sometimes the internet can be a huge distraction, and you need to cut the cord to get real work done. Whether you're on Windows or Macintosh, you can always unplug from the matrix and spend a week writing from a cabin in the woods.

Shaxpir always saves your data locally, persisting all your latest changes to an encrypted database on your hard drive. So even when you’re working offline, your changes are always saved.

But since Shaxpir is a cloud-based application, when you eventually return to civilization and connect to the internet again, Shaxpir automatically connects to our servers via SSL and synchronizes all your recent work to our secure database in the cloud, where we make multiple redundant backup copies of everything.

So your words are always safe, and you can worry about more important things, like telling a great story.


This feature is one of the basic building-blocks of narrative storytelling, so we include it in every Shaxpir account, including both our free plan, SHAXPIR 4: Everyone and our paid premium plan, SHAXPIR 4: Pro.

SHAXPIR 4: Everyone

Free forever. Easy signup. No credit card required.

Free 30-day trial of Shaxpir 4: Pro included with every new account.


Your Writing Home

Shaxpir isn’t just a tool for cranking out documents. It’s a personal workspace where you can live your writing life, developing new ideas into novels, memoirs, short stories, articles, and more…

Manuscript Builder

Shaxpir provides easy drag-and-drop tools to rearrange your manuscript, changing the order and hierarchy of chapters, so you can find a structure that works for your story.

World-Building Notebook

Keep detailed notes for every element of your story: characters, places, themes, etc… Then link those notes directly to the chapters in your manuscript.

Concept Art

Enhance your brainstorming by thinking visually, bringing your characters and settings to life by attaching concept artwork to all your story notes and ideas.

Margin Comments

Shaxpir lets you hightlight a few words — or an entire paragraph — and jot down your thoughts in the margins, keeping your revision ideas nearby for when you’re ready to polish your final draft.

Version History Tracking

Shaxpir keeps a historical archive in the cloud of all your changes over time, so you can always go back in time and restore a paragraph of text you may have hastily deleted last month.

eBook Export & Publishing

Publish your manuscript as an eBook: HTML for sharing on the web, DOCX for collaborating with agents & editors, or EPUB for distribution to the Kindle, Nook, and iBooks stores.

Set Goals & Track Progress

There’s no better way to improve your craft than to write every day. Shaxpir tracks your daily writing sessions and plots your progress toward your long-term goals.

Custom Themes

Customize the user-interface with seven beautiful designer themes, each with its own distinct color schemes and font-pairings, for nighttime writing or just to change the mood.

Offline Writing

Shaxpir is a desktop application, not just a website. Whether you’re at a cabin in the woods, or just off the grid for a few hours, you don’t have to be online to write.

Cloud Backup & Sync

Whenever you’re online, Shaxpir automatically synchronizes your data to our secure backup servers in the cloud, so you’ll never lose your work again.

Windows + Macintosh

With support for both Mac and Windows platforms, you can start a new chapter at home on your MacBook, and pick up where you left off on your Windows work computer.