SHAXPIR story lab

SHAXPIR story lab is an experimental new publishing imprint (launching soon!) to nurture and develop the body of work written by the members of our author community.

We believe we can cultivate a thriving media company by organizing a self-assembling hive of independent authors and equipping each of them with the finest tools for creativity, collaboration, and curation. We also believe that working together with other storytellers creates opportunities for education and mentorship that help lift the level of everyone's craftsmanship.

Finally, we belive that our author-powered platform can be a safe haven for artists, where fair contracts and generous royalties are always the norm.

For our first experiment, we’re sponsoring the WORLD BUILDERS Novel Writing Contest and using its innovative design to create an interconnected universe of characters and stories, spanning every genre. We’ll bring you these stories on the printed page, and over the coming years, on the big-screen as well.

We have lots of other experiments on the drawing board too, so check back with us again soon, and we’ll make sure you aren’t disappointed.

This is going to be fun!

Benji Smith