eleven great reasons to use
for nanowrimo this year

You’re ready.

You’ve been brainstorming this novel for as long as you can remember. You know how it begins, and you know how it ends. You’ve built a rich, elaborate story world, and now it's time to bring it to life. You’ve created an authentic protagonist, caught in an excruciating dilemma, and now you just need to find the right words to tell the tale.

You’ve got 30 days to finish a first draft, and it all begins on November 1st.

Yes, it’s that time of year again! National Novel Writing Month is about to begin, and there’s no better writing platform than SHAXPIR (pronounced exactly like “Shakespeare”) to help you achieve your goals as an author.

Here are eleven reasons we think you’ll love it…



Shaxpir is always free to try for your first 30 days. After that, a subscription is just $7.99 a month, which includes ongoing updates to our incredible platform and membership in our growing community of storytellers.

This year we’re also offering a special promo: just sign up by November 30th with coupon code NANOWRIMO, and we’ll give you 75% OFF for your first three months. That’s just two dollars a month from December till February, for access to the world’s best writing platform.

You’re welcome.



You know the math. To cross the NaNoWriMo finish line, you need to write 50,000 words this month. That works out to an average of 1,667 words every single day. It’ll be challenging, for sure, but with the right discipline and excellent tools, we know you can do it!

Shaxpir keeps track of the time you spend writing, and the number of words you write each day, so that you can meet your goals this month, and develop a writing habit that will last a lifetime.

It’s like having a fitbit for your writing life.



Every novel you write in Shaxpir has its own dedicated notebook, where you can keep track of all the characters, places, and themes of your story. You can customize the notebook however you like, with folders full of notes about spacecraft or magic systems or medieval politics.

You can even create connections and cross-references between your notes, representing character relationships, foreshadowing plot-points, or charting the metaphorical symbolism of your nine-act structure.

Whatever you need.

Whether you’re jotting down a few quick world-building ideas, or creating a story-bible for your seven-part epic fantasy series, it’s like having a private wikipedia for the world of your story.



Make your writing more vivid by collecting images that inspire you. Fill your scenes with color and texture, and bring your characters to life, by attaching concept artwork to the pages of your notebook.

There’s no limit to the amount of concept art you can include in your notebook, so be creative and stimulate your senses!



Shaxpir lets you build the manuscript of your book however you like, by assembling lots of individual bits and pieces (parts, chapters, scenes, prologues, epilogues, etc) into a hierarchy of content.

You can experiment with structure by dragging-and-dropping those building blocks into whatever order you like, and when you’re ready to publish, you can choose how to assemble those pieces into a finished manuscript.

Shaxpir gives you complete creative freedom to build your novel in whatever way makes sense for the story you’re telling.



Shaxpir helps you improve the quality of your prose by giving you insightful analysis into the linguistics of your writing style. Use our integrated spellcheck highligher to correct misspellings, or our exclusive sentiment highlighter to see how your individual word choices change the tone of your writing.

This feature is based on cutting edge research, by the UVM Computational Story Lab, into the aggregate lexicographic and linguistic structure of stories.


We’re really excited about these highlighters, and we have a long list of similar linguistic toys to include in upcoming Shaxpir releases. We think the “linguistics of literature” is going to be a big deal, and we know you’re going to love it.



Shaxpir isn’t just a tool for formatting documents. It’s a place to do all your writing, including full-legnth books — both fiction and nonfiction — as well as short stories and articles. It’s your complete writing home.

There are even places to stash your tiny ideas and scene fragments, so that you can find them easily later and incorporate them into new projects.



When you finish writing your novel, you can publish an ebook with the push of a button.

Shaxpir can generate an industry-standard EPUB file — compatible with the Kindle, Nook, or iBooks stores — and complete with cover artwork and a table-of-contents. You can even export Microsoft Word documents from any of your projects, to share with colleagues, literary agents, or editors.

All you have to do is tell your story, and we'll take care of the technical details…

And if you ever decide to leave Shaxpir, you can export your entire writing history and take it with you. Your words belong to you.



Every time you login to Shaxpir, we keep track of the changes you make during that writing session. Whether two weeks or two years from now, you can look back at the historical record anytime, and even restore the text of a paragraph long ago discarded.



Tired of emailing word documents to yourself, just so that you can write a few chapters over your lunch break?

Shaxpir is a desktop application, for Windows and Macintosh, but it synchronizes its data in the cloud. So you can start a new novel on your computer at home, write a few chapters at work on your lunch break, and pick up right where you left off when you get back home.

The data is encrypted in your local cache, and transmitted over SSL, to our secure database in the cloud, where we make continuous off-site backups of everything. So your words are always safe, and you can worry about more important things, like telling a great story.



Sometimes the internet can be a huge distraction, and you need to cut the cord to get real work done. With Shaxpir, you can unplug from the matrix and spend a week writing from a cabin in the woods.

All your changes will be stored securely on your hard drive, and when you return to civilization and login to Shaxpir again, all your new work will automatically synchronize to the cloud.

We're incredibly proud of the work we've done for Shaxpir 3.0, and we hope you’ll join our community. Sign up today!

Have a great month, and our best NaNoWriMo wishes everyone!